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Hi, we're PostScript Labs. We are a digital creative studio that partners with companies of all sizes who are seeking new growth, creativity, and agility in order to gain an edge and stand out in today's crowded and noisy world.

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What we do
We do a lot of things, but these are our favorites.
Whether a company is evolving or new to an industry, we work with businesses and organizations of all sizes to clarify their purpose, find their voice, understand their customers, and define their goals so they can reach success.
We design and build brands that inspire by expressing a company’s personality and values while also building a comprehensive and consistent experience that resonates with customers and nurtures lasting relationships.
We leverage the latest technologies and digital growth strategies to help companies engage, communicate and delight their customers and clients. Today's digital landscape can be complicated. We simplify navigating it.

Our simple approach

Strategic design + development

1. Strategy
Arguably the most critical step in our process, the strategy phase is the foundation. During this phase, we get a deeper understanding of your organization, vision, and goals. From that understanding, we develop a digital strategy that will guide our work.
    2. Creative
    The creative phase translates a brand identity into a prototype design and digital messaging to meet your goals. At the conclusion of the creative phase, you’ll have a design and message that's ready to be turned into a working product.
      3. Development
      The development phase is where we transform the completed creative design and messaging into a functional digital product. Our software developers say this is when the magic happens. The creative staff disagrees.
        4. Launch + Iterate
        During the launch phase, we get ready to go live to the world. Part of that process includes planning hosting, integrating with your existing systems, and one final test to make sure everything is perfect. After launch we offer ongoing support and improvements.
          Meet Our Team

          We're a small team, but we deliver big results.

          We're also lucky to know a lot of very talented people which lets us scale up or down.

          Patrick Kanaley

          Partner + Designer

          Sean Kanaley

          Partner + Developer

          Ryan Eick

          Strategy + Content

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